Retrivika’s product adjusts to your needs and resources by offering both Cloud and On Premise implementations.

Cloud Services

Cloud Service Solutions offer a lower initial investment. Services are purchased on a month to month contract. You have the option to adjust data storage at any time. This feature creates efficient cost controls and allows you to cancel and restart service as needed.

  • Self Service – We also have a cloud offering that allows for self service access to Retrivika’s™ entire product line.

  • Private Cloud – If you have special requirements for your electronically stored information, we can establish a private cloud. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On Premise

  • The On Premise Solution is designed for businesses, organizations, and law firms that want to maintain internal control of the entire search and discovery process.
  • In an effort to provide the ultimate scaling flexibility, product licenses can adjust up to your individual business data collections and number of users.  The on-premise solution incurs a one time, upfront cost. Maintenance and updates are available with an annual maintenance agreement.