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A New Approach to Legal eDiscovery

Customized to Your Needs

Cloud and On Premise

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Starting a Big Data Adventure?

Retrivika will help lighten the load.

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Join the Herd for a High Tech Exploration into your Data!

We believe the user interface should be intuitive and easy to use; Requiring little training or knowledge of technology.

Retrivika’s™ simple interface lets users drive the exploration process and return relevant, responsive documents quickly and efficiently.

To improve efficiency and productivity, Retrivika™ combines the exploration and discovery process into a single interface.

Throughout Retrivika’s™ research and development, we found that users frequently search through documents without much knowledge of the information contained within a collection. With a combined search and discovery process, users can easily examine and learn about the collection.

Retrivika™ believes that the ediscovery process should be in the hands of the legal professional.

You know the case; You know the key information is hidden in those documents; and You need a powerful tool that will lead you to that important, case breaking piece of electronic discovery.

  • Sorting Method

    Retrivika ™ offers a patent-pending Parsing and Indexing architecture that produces more accurate results in less time. To start, Retrivika’s ™ Parsing and Indexing process eliminates non-functional words (such as “a” and “the”) which can reduce the collection sample by half before reviewers begin identifying relevant documents. In as little as 15 minutes, our sorting method has achieved significant Precision results when tested against known data sets such as the Enron collection.

  • Context and Relevancy

    Retrivika’s ™ tools integrate the System Process and Context factors for two reasons:

    1. We know that to untangle the documents, we have to do more than identify those that are partially related; we have to identify documents that are relevant; and
    2. Combining these factors saves time.
  • Snapshots to determine relevance

    After the Parsing and Indexing process, Retrivika ™ Exploration by Iteration draws a representative sample of the collection into an elegant  “snapshot” of 10 documents. While reviewing these documents, the user discovers contextual relevance (slang, acronyms, etc.), and refines their search terms accordingly by identifying inclusion and exclusion terms.  Multiple users can simultaneously review documents, easily tagging their relevancy. Our methods adjust to the dynamic and fluid requirements of multiple queries.

  • Measured by Precision and Recall

    Research has shown that three factors significantly impact the quality of retrieval of electronically stored information (ESI). Retrivika’s ™ platform and tools uniquely address the three factors of Sorting, System Process and Context with ground breaking, research-proven methods for ease and performance.

  • Works with the User

    Retrivika ™ values the power of discernment that people bring to the document review process.  We also understand the challenges those people face: a jungle of intertwined ESI in a subject area about which, more often than not, they have limited knowledge, a tight budget and an even tighter deadline.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Research also demonstrates that how information is organized and displayed has a positive correlation with the relevancy of information retrieval; that is why Retrivika™ designed an interface that makes sense to the user.  Our tools facilitate a nuanced understanding of the ESI by translating the user’s mental model of context into an automated process: Retrivika™ Exploration by Iteration allows users to quickly develop a sophisticated knowledge of a document collection that can be audited for validity and legal purposes.

  • Reporting

    Retrivika’s ™ system provides a report of the relevant documents including which team members identified them as such and a compilation of the reviewers’ pertinent comments.

Screen capture of our patent-pending visual interface.

Sample collection from the Enron Data Set.

Why did we spend 3 years building Retrivika™?  The answer is simple.  The search tools you use should work the way you work. Retrivika™ provides elegant patent-pending search and production tools to meet the demands of a single legal professional to huge organizations.

We believe that eDiscovery products should be cost effective for all organizations, no matter how large or small!

Retrivika™ understands that your organization has changing needs and demands.  We have eliminated all per user fees, allowing you to easily shift your workforce between cases and collections without incurring additional costs.  Pricing is just as simple as our interface.  With a monthly access fee and storage pricing per GB, you know exactly what your costs are; there are no hidden fees!

Retrivika’s product adjusts to your needs and resources by offering both Cloud and On Premise implementations. As always, there is NEVER a per user fee for our product.

Cloud Services

Cloud Service Solutions offer a lower initial investment. Services are purchased on a month to month contract. You have the option to adjust data storage at any time. This feature creates efficient cost controls and allows you to cancel and restart service as needed.

  • Self Service – We also have a cloud offering that allows for self service access to Retrivika’s™ entire product line.

  • Private Cloud – If you have special requirements for your electronically stored information, we can establish a private cloud offering. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On Premise

The On Premise Solution is designed for businesses, organizations, and law firms that want to maintain internal control of the entire search and discovery process. In an effort to provide the ultimate scaling flexibility, product licenses can adjust up to your individual business data collections and number of users. The on-premise solution incurs a one time, upfront cost. Maintenance and updates are available with an annual maintenance agreement.

Interested in a demonstration, want to learn more about our products, or have other inquiry?

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